Thrive Questionnaire

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  1. The Importance of Setting Boundaries With Email

  2. UPenn President Amy Gutmann on What Gives Her Energy

  3. Rosemary Gudelj on Finding Time for Silence Every Day

  4. Mike Gregoire Shares What Motivated Him To Succeed

  5. How I Reclaim My Space and Sanity

  6. Brian Goldsmith Never Checks His Phone From His Bed

  7. The Chairman of Bain & Company on What Gives Her Energy

  8. I Never Apologize For Needing 9 Hours of Sleep

  9. Susan Feldman On Why Power Naps are Her Secret Weapon

  10. Marina de Grece on How to Overcome Mistakes

  11. Siddharth Chatterjee Runs a Half Marathon Every Sunday

  12. Why You Should Never Sit On an Email You Could Answer Right Now

  13. 'No Social Media First Thing in the Morning'

  14. Jim Brady on Doing Things Differently

  15. Vassar College President-Elect on Looking Ahead

  16. Bianca Bosker: ‘I’ve Become Militantly Protective About Bedtime’

  17. Alexia Bonatsos: ‘If You’re Not Failing, You’re Not Trying’

  18. There Are No Real Failures—Only Opportunities to Learn

  19. Rita Wilson: “Thoughts Are Things and Mean Something”

  20. Hilary Swank: ‘Make A Choice, Make It Happen’

  21. Tony Robbins: ‘Gratitude Is the Solution to Anger and Fear’

  22. Maria Menounos: ‘You Never Lose Unless You Quit’

  23. Bill Maher: ‘I Failed in My Quest to Get America to Not Elect A Crazy Person President’

  24. Michael Kors: “I’m Always Asking, ‘What’s Next?’”