Thrive Questionnaire

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  1. Nana Adae: ‘Why Not Carry Around Some Happiness?’

  2. Jon Haseltine On His Love/Hate Relationship With His Smartphone

  3. Becky Schmitt On the Book That Helped Her Grow As a Leader

  4. Robin White On Creating Space Between Work Time and Sleep Time

  5. Jennifer Romolini: ‘I Feel the Most Energized When I’m Flexing All My Brain-Muscles’

  6. India Hicks: “Every Day I Wake Up Excited and Energized by the Company I Have Founded”

  7. Kristie Dash On Why Gratitude Gives Her Energy

  8. Jessica Hendricks Yee On How Her Phone Distracts From Creative Thinking

  9. The Question I Ask Myself Every Day

  10. Jennifer Rudolph Walsh on Telling Yourself a New Story

  11. Why Writing a Book Is An Absolute Avalanche of Failures

  12. Glennda Testone On the Power of Meditation and Good Conversation

  13. Andrew Ross Sorkin’s Secret Life Hack

  14. Cara Santana on Why Opportunity Energizes Her

  15. Bob Morris on Getting in the Zone

  16. Dr. Dambisa Moyo Shares Her Morning Routine

  17. The Value of Reconsidering Your Approach

  18. Why Ezra Klein Tries to Avoid Meetings Before Noon

  19. Jolie Hunt Finds Energy in Watching Others Succeed

  20. The Email Technique Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh Lives By

  21. The Importance of Setting Boundaries With Email

  22. UPenn President Amy Gutmann on What Gives Her Energy

  23. Rosemary Gudelj on Finding Time for Silence Every Day

  24. Mike Gregoire Shares What Motivated Him To Succeed