Thrive Questionnaire

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  1. Miranda Kerr on Meditating and Managing Email

  2. Brian Grazer: ‘Writing Notes of Gratitude Always Strengthens Me’

  3. Melinda Gates on the Invaluable Advice Her Mom Gave Her About Success as a Teenager

  4. Laura Raicovich: ‘I’m Being More Strategic With My Yeses’

  5. Marina Abramović: When Everything Falls Apart, I Try to See the Big Picture

  6. I Love to Make Connections With People and Find Solutions

  7. Manuela Montagnana: ‘I Have a Color Code for My Inbox’

  8. A McKinsey Senior Partner on How To Manage Endless Email Threads

  9. Aleen Keshishian: My Phone Sleeps in My Bathroom

  10. Adrian Grenier: ‘I Don’t Have a Routine, I Have a ‘Flow’’

  11. Barnard College President on a Better Way to Process Failure

  12. Alexis Christoforous on Making Your Own Luck

  13. Heather Armstrong on Children, Acceptance and Making Mistakes

  14. Ray Chambers: Every Morning, I Write Down What I’m Grateful For

  15. Neil deGrasse Tyson: ‘Thinking About What I Have Yet to Accomplish’ Gives Me Energy

  16. Craig Newmark: “I Just Do What’s Needed To Get It Done”

  17. Alexis Ohanian: ‘Doing What I Love For A Living’ Gives Me Energy

  18. Ralph Reed on Focusing on What’s Important Rather Than What’s Urgent

  19. Danielle Crittenden Frum: “Success Is Not A Finite Resource”

  20. David Gregory: ‘Opening The Day By Saying Thank You Makes For A Good Start’

  21. Hugh Forrest Says His Secret Life Hack is Meditation

  22. It’s ‘Hard To Have A Bad Day When You Start Out Grateful’

  23. Rob King: “Inspiring My Team To Act With Ambition And Confidence” Gives Me Energy

  24. Fill Your Tank First