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  1. Do Men Really Hate Shopping? NPR/Marist Poll Tells Otherwise

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    If You Make a Bad First Impression — You Actually Can Recover

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    Stop Dwelling So Much on Happiness — You're Missing the Point

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  5. This Bad Habit Could Be Making You a Lot Lonelier

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  8. Here's Why Team Sports Can Help You Live Longer, According to Science

  9. Survey Finds More Than Half of Employees Take Super Short Lunch Breaks

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    According to Science, This 32-Minute Morning Routine Is the Best Way to Start Your Day

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    How You Say Goodbye Is More Important Than How You Say Hello

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    Richard Branson Uses This 400,000-Year-Old Practice to Unleash His Best Ideas

  13. According to a New Study, Taking a Vacation Can Add Years to Your Life

  14. According to a New Study, More Than Half of Americans Don't Take Lunch Breaks

  15. Women at Work Are Becoming "Intentionally Invisible," According to a Harvard Study

  16. The Surprising Way Watching "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" Could Hurt Your Kids

  17. There's a Surprising Connection Between Trauma and Chronic Pain

  18. An academic coach is a trained professional whose role is to help students

  19. Studying Hacks Guaranteed To Get You Straight A's

  20. The National Sleep Epidemic Is Getting More Serious – and More Dangerous, New Research Finds

  21. Millennials Say They Need To Make This Much to Feel Happy

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    I Burned Out During My First Semester of College

  23. To Be a Good Leader, Start as a Follower, Study Finds

  24. Science Proves We Aren't Very Good at Choosing the Healthiest Partner for Us