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  1. Robert Ellis Shares Leadership Strategies To Improve Your Company’s Culture

  2. The Value of Sustainable Leadership Practices

  3. Jason Patel Shares Leadership Strategies To Improve Your Company’s Culture

  4. “Creating Gainful Employment Opportunity For Individuals with Autism” with Tom D’Eri Co-founder Rising Tide U

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    How to Stop Stressing About Your Next Presentation

  6. Gaining Your Team's Trust Doesn't Have To Be So Hard

  7. Female Disruptors: Patty McDonough Kennedy is shaking up how people deal with disruption

  8. I quit. Then I got fired.

  9. “We need to support the movement to expand growth in science and technology beyond the traditional male audience”

  10. Women Of The C-Suite: “Some fires are better left burning” With Dana Hamerschlag, CPO at Miller Heiman Group

  11. “Hard work is required to recruit and keep good people” With Mayan Meltzer Founder of GKC

  12. "Curiosity, research and recognizing inspiring aspects of your work will help you thrive and avoid burnout"

  13. “If you can make a positive influence in NYC, you can make a positive influence, everywhere” With Gary Sze Kong

  14. If We Can Remember the Children

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    Visualizing Your Success Can Actually Bring Success to Your Life

  16. Leaders Are Not Crayons.

  17. Joel Devidal, CEO of Smejapan.com, Lists 5 Essential Leadership Qualities that Every Entrepreneur Needs

  18. Women Of The C-Suite: “It’s not just what you build, but how you build it”, With Shirley Chen CEO of Narrativ

  19. The Power of Consistency

  20. Women Of The C-Suite: “A leader needs to be an inspirational motivator”, With Jess Liberi, of eMoney Advisor

  21. Women Of The C-Suite: “A leader encourages the growth of others” With Jean Gabriel Founder of Buying.com

  22. Here's How to Know When it's OK to Say No To Your Boss

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    Stop Worrying about Your First Impression

  24. “There is no education like the school of hard knocks” With Adam Mendler, CEO of The Veloz Group