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  1. The Loneliness Birds

  2. Depression, Despair & Death: Here’s My Take on Why So Many Americans are Sad Enough That They Think Ending Their Life is The Only Way Out

  3. What are Rising Suicide Rates Trying to Teach Us?

  4. I’m Not Preaching – I’m Sharing

  5. When someone great is gone

  6. The 4 words you need to know in the wake of recent celebrity suicides

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    Thriving After Depression: Why Are Scientists Ignoring Good Outcomes?

  8. Dealing with Depression as a Child

  9. A Tribute to Kate Spade + Anthony Bourdain + How To Cope With The Mental Health Crisis

  10. An Expired Cry For Help

  11. Providing Support to Employees in a Time of Grief

  12. When I Was 15 and Depressed, It Would Have Been Hard to Call a Hotline


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    The Kate Spade Brand is Making Mental Health a Major Priority for its Employees

  15. In the Glare of the Glitter

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    How Social Media Has Changed The Way We Grieve

  17. What Is It Like to be a Child of Suicide?

  18. Suicide:

  19. Depression and I

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    A Few Thoughts on Living Through Mental Illness

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    What to Do If You (or Someone You Know) Feels Suicidal

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    The News of Kate Spade Makes Me Miss My Brother

  23. What to Say to a Friend With Depression

  24. My Life May Look Perfect—But It Doesn’t Feel That Way