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  3. “Hard work is required to recruit and keep good people” With Mayan Meltzer Founder of GKC

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  5. “Take a step back and ask yourself, do you feel challenged? Do you feel valued? Are you happy? Nothing is worth burning out for…

  6. Running Barefoot Across 23 Countries in Africa in the Name of Love & Unity

  7. “I’ve started a movement to appreciate that relationships are the most important thing we have” With Author Erica Keswin

  8. “Remember, every one of your employees is an individual with some sorts of life events going on” With Dr. William W. Pinsky

  9. Women Of The C-Suite: “It’s not just what you build, but how you build it”, With Shirley Chen CEO of Narrativ

  10. “Take the time to listen, Put down your phones, Be present!” With Author and Celebrity Trainer Alec Penix

  11. The Sun Has Set


  13. Women Of The C-Suite: “Networking is the essence of business” With Danni Lin, CEO of Great Wine

  14. Women Of The C-Suite: “Share your expertise on several platforms”, With Dottie Herman, CEO of Douglas Elliman

  15. Women Of The C-Suite: “A leader needs to be an inspirational motivator”, With Jess Liberi, of eMoney Advisor

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  19. Here's How You Can Avoid Imposter Syndrome and Embrace Self-Confidence at Work

  20. Actor Josh Radnor: The Moment I Realized I Didn't Have to Pick Just One Career

  21. Self Improvement Works — How I Created a Personal Development Plan to Change My Life Forever

  22. “I would like to start a movement to help women keep their businesses while they are battling cancer” With Karen Patmas

  23. “Be a variable reader, I have learned the best lessons for leadership or tech from completely unrelated industries”

  24. There is Nothing the Matter With You