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  8. I Am An Expert

  9. Finding your purpose to create your legacy.

  10. “I would like to start a movement to encourage people to get more involved in taking action to create change”


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  15. Angels in "Flamerica"

  16. Everything in Life is For Your Greatest Good

  17. "I want to start a movement to build a FitBit for smiles and kindness; How many smiles to a stranger can you give in one day?"

  18. “We need to support the movement to expand growth in science and technology beyond the traditional male audience”

  19. “I would love to start a movement to help more people meditate" With Lexie Broytman

  20. ShePower: Anya Thakur on creating opportunities for girls through education and uplifting women

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  22. Female Disruptors: Julie Larson Green is breaking down the virtual walls between product, brand and employees

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  24. Women Of The C-Suite: “Some fires are better left burning” With Dana Hamerschlag, CPO at Miller Heiman Group