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  1. A Heartwarming Story of Two Unsung Heroes from the Holocaust

  2. Forgiveness is Key to Your Peace

  3. "The measure of a man (or woman) is not what you do, but who you are” With Josh Reif

  4. "It’s very important to set the bar high for yourself, because even if you fall short of your own expectations, you will still be far ahead of other colleagues"

  5. Empowerment, Equality & Impact: Anya Thakur on girls’ education

  6. The 3 Most Important Skills to Learn Now to Thrive in 2019

  7. “We started a movement to support people to live their best lives with resources that empower them to feel their healthiest” With Leigh Keith

  8. “I’d like to create a movement to encourage more generosity in our country” With “Shameless” star, Jess Gabor

  9. “Be a leader so that your followers one day become leaders, no matter what the odds are” With Dr. Daria Hamrah

  10. “I’d like to start a movement to improve healthcare to focus on the needs of patients and doctors by making office visits virtual” With Dr. Samant Virk

  11. “My number one philosophy is to make wellness fun” With yoga specialist Claire Grieve

  12. “Podcasting needs to be all voices” With David Raphael, of This American Life, Serial, and the Joe Rogan Experience

  13. Nothing Grows in Your Comfort Zone, Except Maybe these Things…

  14. Women Of The C-Suite: “Everyone should understand how their work impacts others in other departments” With Sherré DeMao, CEO of BizGrowth Inc

  15. “It’s not cute to ignore injustice against other people simply because they don’t look like you” With Actress Michele Lyman

  16. “I want to inspire a ‘self-esteem movement’, to inspire people to not be ashamed of who they are”, With Actress, Joanna Andr

  17. Women Of The C-Suite Executive:“Have a positive vision for your company and yourself” With Lee McEnany Caraher CEO of Double Forte

  18. Women Of The C-Suite: “You need different systems for different stages of the company” With Eliza Becton of Bevi

  19. “I’d like to start a movement for us all to stop faking, no one is perfect” With Melissa Butler, CEO of The Lip Bar

  20. The two least considered small words in the English language may be "over" and "next", With Dmitry Dragilev

  21. "I believe in experiences, not everyone can afford travelling but everyone can study, read and learn"

  22. “I want to inspire a movement to develop a call to action for American Government to truly take tech seriously”

  23. Taking a Break Is Literally One of the Best Things You Can Do for Your Brain

  24. I Am Living Proof Of The American Dream, With Marsha Chandy, Creative Director at Google