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  1. Women I Admire Series

  2. “I would like to start a movement to teach people how to nourish themselves” With Celebrity Chef Amy Riolo

  3. “If you don’t prejudge a situation, you’ll be good no matter what”, with Heathyr Frances

  4. “It’s okay that things take time, or if you fail a few times”, with Katie Austin, Founder of Austin Active

  5. “Learn to listen to yourself, because it is usually those instincts that come from a genuine place”, with Lindsey Ell

  6. “Be of service to other people without expecting anything in return”, with Richie Stephens

  7. Actor Scott Eastwood Talks Hope and Help in New Alzheimer's Educational Campaign

  8. Issa Rae’s Best Advice for Working Smarter

  9. Who Said It: Celebrity or Ancient Philosopher?

  10. 5 Things I Wish I Was Told Before I Joined The NFL, With Jesse Nicassio, founder of Juke Performance

  11. The Problem With Rihanna’s Advice to Her Younger Self

  12. I would like to start a movement about “love me in my darkness”, With singer, songwriter Heather Whitney

  13. “We need to find our way out of the cycle of fear and into the blossom of love, compassion, understanding and grace”

  14. “I would like to start a movement where more people enjoy creating music, simply for joy” With Jaclyn Bradley Palmer

  15. Unstoppable: Words Of Wisdom With Cancer Survivor, Gary Ray Moore of House of Cards

  16. “I want to promote the ‘Acceptance’ movement” Words of Wisdom with L’FREAQ

  17. “Working with an ‘opposite’ is important because it helps you grow the most”, With Actor Aaron Dalla Villa

  18. “Have short term, not just long term goals”, With filmmaker and actress Dana Marisa Schoenfeld

  19. Female Disruptors: Dr. Cali Estes is reinventing rehab for real life

  20. Jessica Alba’s Self-Confidence Hack Might Surprise You

  21. “I would like to create a non partisan Think Tank of influential celebrities and politicos where differences can be discussed in an atmosphere of congeniality”

  22. “The only failure is to not try” With Actress Gabriella Martinez

  23. “I want to create a movement where twice a year we come together to throw a huge birthday party for homeless kids”

  24. “I would like to start a movement to help women keep their businesses while they are battling cancer” With Karen Patmas