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  1. Is The Human Revolution An Illusion?

  2. She the People: Why Supporting Women of Color in Power Helps Everyone Sleep Better at Night

  3. The Dalai Lama Calls Up On The New Generations: The Biggest Revolution Since The Beginning Of Human Kind

  4. “I would like to create a non partisan Think Tank of influential celebrities and politicos where differences can be discussed in an atmosphere of congeniality”

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  6. The Life And Legacy Of John McCain In His Own Words

  7. The J.P. Monfort Standard

  8. Jacinda Ardern and the power of authenticity… in politics!

  9. Post-Politics and the End of the Political Party

  10. Photo Credit: Vstock/Getty Images

    It Is Possible to Keep Politics From Ruining Your Friendships

  11. Weaponizing Speech: The Politics of Divorce

  12. Beyond Polarization: Toward a Healthy Equilibrium/Parties-System

  13. The Ruthless Pursuit of ‘Likes” Is Doing Nothing But Damaging Your Happiness

  14. The World's Future Capital Territory

  15. Japan Must Open Up

  16. The Original Call for Resistance

  17. A Letter to America!

  18. Stop Asking Muslims to Condemn Terrorism

  19. I Am Living Proof Of The American Dream: With Mohamad Ali, CEO of Carbonite

  20. I Am Living Proof Of The American Dream: With Dr. Farouk Shami, Founder and Chairman of Farouk Systems Inc.

  21. I Am Living Proof Of The American Dream: With Sebastian Hex

  22. I Am Living Proof of the American Dream: With MMA Fighter Jose Alday

  23. “I Am Living Proof Of The American Dream” With Edrizio De La Cruz, CEO and Cofounder of Arcus