Thrive Global Editorial Guidelines

3 simple guidelines to follow.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

1. Please cite all studies, research, and medical/health facts - If you’re referencing a body of research or study, please link to the study, research or an article summarizing that research from a reputable source like The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, TIME, CNN or Scientific American. For health and medical facts, hospital/university-affiliated websites, National Institutes of Health sites and study links are preferred over less credible sources. Please note that it's always good to tell the other side of stories or acknowledge critics' concerns.

2. Don’t tell other people’s stories, particularly patients - Thrive Global does not publish articles from medical professionals telling their patients’ stories, as we cannot verify that patients have given their permission to do so. If you think your patient’s story is a great fit for Thrive, please encourage them to write it themselves, as we’d love to hear it in their own words!

3. Thrive Global does not publish pieces that are deemed promotional, endorse supplements or medications, include product roundups, or that offer prescriptive medical advice.