Here’s What Your Social Media Addiction Is Actually Costing You

Leadership expert Robin Sharma explains.

Image courtesy of Unpslash.

Going down social media rabbit holes costs you more than just time. Leadership expert Robin Sharma argues that social media addictions are actually costing the world knowledge and creativity, according to a recent piece on Outlook India.

Sharma, a Canadian-Indian author and speaker, addressed the crowd on the first day of the World Government Summit 2017 and warned against becoming too dependent on social media.

“People are addicted to entertainment (and) their devices. People don't practice or learn anymore; the victim loves entertainment, the leader loves education," Sharma said.

Being glued to social media and technology is a modern-day epidemic, but Sharma told the crowd that there are simple ways to disconnect from devices and reclaim your creativity and desire to learn.

“If you go to a quiet place and focus on what you want, you go from beta to alpha, that's when great work is done. It comes from inside, not from thinking. Cortisol inducing fear hormone reduces, incidentally also when one works out, sweats, and feel good serotonin is released – a state of flow," Sharma said.

Whether you choose to disconnect by exercising, reading or spending time with family and friends, be sure to get off the grid more often. Your creativity will be better for it.

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