Nancy B. Emerson Lombardo, Ph.D.

Dr. Nancy Emerson Lombardo is Co-Founder of the Alzheimer’s Association and Alzheimer Disease International. She is an Adjunct Research Assistant Professor of Neurology at Boston University School of Medicine and on faculty of BU’s Alzheimer’s Disease Center. An internationally recognized expert and researcher on brain healthy lifestyles with over 35 years of experience, Dr. Emerson Lombardo is President of the Brain Health and Wellness Center® (BHWC) and HealthCare Insights LLC in Acton, Massachusetts. Much of the work at BHWC is focused on the sought after, evidenced-based, nutrition program, Memory Preservation Nutrition®, the MPN™. MPN™ was developed by Dr. Emerson Lombardo, leading a team of doctors and scientists from Boston University and Tufts University Schools of Medicine. Benefits are numerous. Using nutritional neuroscience techniques it integrates the results of over 800 studies.

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