Dr. Marcus Ranney

Champion of well-being

Dr. Marcus Ranney completed his Bachelors of Science and Medical degrees from University College Medical School in London. Conducting field research across the planet, his expeditions have led him to Everest, the Arctic and the European Alps. He has served as a medical officer in the Royal Air Force and at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. After practicing clinical medicine in London, in 2011, he made the transition to Mumbai where he has worked within the Healthcare and Life-sciences industry as a Strategic advisor and Venture Capitalist. His work led to the creation of one of the region’s largest portfolios of digital health assets. In 2013, the World Economic Forum appointed him as a Global Shaper. Working as a Futurist, he is currently leading a global project on what the future of health and society will look like in 2030. Marcus is a TEDx speaker and regular at international events. A keen athlete and long distance runner, he holds a Guinness World Record for backwards running(!) and thoroughly enjoys being a father to his son Aeden.

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