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Elle Kaplan

CEO and Founder, LexION Capital, CIO and Founder, LexION Alpha

CEO & Founder of @LexionCapital A Premier Investment Management Firm. Self Made Entrepreneur, Financial Expert, Animal Lover, Midwestern Transplant & Dreamer.

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    How to Successfully Balance Your Strengths and Weaknesses

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    What the Exponential Mindset Can Do For You

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    Asking Yourself This Question Will Help You Find Clarity

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    Exactly What to Do to Pick Yourself Up After Failure

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    7 Choices You Can Make Every Day That Can Have a Dramatic Impact on Your Life

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    Make These Simple Mindset Changes to Achieve Radical Success

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    4 Ways to Manage Feeling Stressed and Overwhelmed

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    Do These 9 Things to Immediately Ensure Your Success

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    Amp Up Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

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    10 Things You Need To Do Immediately If You Want To Become Successful

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    This Nighttime Routine Will Save You 20+ Hours Per Week

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    How to Start Good Habits and Really Stick to Them, According to Stanford Psychologists

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    The One Simple Skill Will Make You an Exceptionally Likable Leader, According to Science

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    8 Things You Should Do After 8 P.M. If You Want to Be Happy and Successful

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    The Shocking Truth Behind Willpower (and Why It Can Lead to Failure)

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    Science Says This Is the Best Way to Supercharge Your Motivation