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Husband & foster father of 3. Pursuing PhD in Organizational Psychology. Author of 2 free eBooks (on productivity & blogging strategy)

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    Simple Ways To Feel Amazing Before 8 AM

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    The 3 Things You Need for Achieving Huge Goals

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    Don’t Apologize For Your Success Or Complain When You Fail

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    How to Escape The “I’ll Start Tomorrow" Trap

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    How to Tell If Success Is in Your Future

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    How Negativity Is Hurting You in More Ways Than You Can Imagine

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    How to Set Yourself Up For a 10/10 Day

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    Here’s How to Increase Your Confidence and Self-Esteem

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    This Is the Ultimate Creativity Hack

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    Are You Too Obsessed With Finding Your Passion?

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    If Taking the Next Step Feels Scary, That’s Actually a Good Thing

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    What Thinking Bigger Really Means

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    If You Learn to Master Your Day, You’ll Learn How to Master Your Life

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    Stop Focusing on Your "Ideal" Life

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    This One Little Exercise Gives You True Self-Awareness

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    Pay Attention to Your Life, and You'll Start Seeing Your Patterns

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    The Ultimate Morning Routine for Your Kids, According to an Awesome Dad

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    This 10-Minute Routine Will Increase Your Memory And Creativity

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    This Simple Change Can Radically Improve Your Life and Relationships

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    The Goal-Setting Process That Ups Your Confidence

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    This 15-Minute Routine Will Make Your Brain Healthier and Smarter

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    Why You Should Set Unrealistic Goals for Yourself

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    This 75-Year Harvard Study Shows How To Have Lifetime Joy

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    How to Achieve Your 10-Year Plan in the Next 6 Months