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Pauline Harley

A relatable, no-BS expert on life and career pivots.


Career Coach. Pivot Coach and Consultant. CEO. International Coaching Federation Award Finalist. Top 100 Coaching Blogs. Media Contributor Thrive Global, Independent Life and The Start-up. Helping you pivot in a calm and confident way to create a ripple effect in your life and career. Confidence 4 Change C4C consulting services available for: ➡️ Career and Life Pivots. I have over 22 years of pivoting in my life and career under my belt. I understand the challenges you may face. ➡️ Redundancy. Being made redundant can be a devastating time. I know from personal experience. ➡️ Retirement. People considering early retirement, or nearing retirement age, often benefit from support in making the transition from work to retirement. 121 consultations available nationwide and globally. Complimentary callbacks available. Sign up to request a callback via my wait list and grab a spot on my calendar soon. https://t.co/IgFh5H5vuk For more information email me at [email protected]y.com

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