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    Improving School Climate, Not Just Security, Is Key to Violence Prevention

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    This May Make You A Better Father, According to Research

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    Start Eating More of This Superfood

  4. Westend61/Getty Images

    Stop Imagining the Worst Case Scenario

  5. Sugars in Mother’s Milk Help Shape Baby’s Microbiome and Ward off Infection

  6. Wanwisa Hernandez / EyeEm/Getty Images

    A Simple Way to Strengthen Your Self-Control

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    Worrying About Being a Perfect Mother Makes It Harder to Be a Good Parent

  8. This Is Why People Risk Their Lives for the Perfect Selfie

  9. 4 Ways Meditation Can Help All Students Become Better Decision Makers

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    How Exercise Boosts your Brain

  11. Jay L. Clendenin / Contributor/Getty Images

    Did Artists Lead the Way in Mathematics?

  12. Why Choosing the Wrong College Can Be Bad for Your Mental Health

  13. Why Artificial Light Might Have a Bigger Impact on Your Children’s Sleep Than You Think

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    This Brain-Based Weight Loss Approach May Be More Effective Than Dieting

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    Going to Bed Earlier May Reduce Your Risk of Early Death

  16. How Mariah Carey’s Struggle with Bipolar Disorder Has Sparked Conversation About Mental Illness

  17. Why Women Earn Less After They Have Kids (No Matter How Impressive Their Resumes Are)

  18. This is Why It's So Stressful to Talk About Politics

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    This Emotion Can Help You Triumph Over Toxic Childhood Trauma

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    Stop Feeling Guilt About Your Afternoon Nap. Research Says It's Actually Good for You

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    7 Reasons Why It’s So Hard to Delete Facebook, According to Psychology

  22. How AI Is Changing the Health Industry and Preventing Suicides

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    Why It’s So Hard for Women to ‘Just Leave’ an Unhealthy Relationship

  24. Johner Images/ Getty Images

    Is My Child Depressed? Being Moody Isn’t a Mental Illness