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As founder of Leadership from the Core, Marcel Schwantes is a leading expert in helping companies develop exceptional servant leadership cultures where employees thrive and businesses flourish. He is an entrepreneur, executive coach, keynote speaker and syndicated columnist. Follow him on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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    The Best Books for Your Summer Vacation

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    Want to Radically Improve Your Life? Ask Yourself These 3 Powerful Questions

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    Everyone Wants to Work for a Leader Who Provides This Irresistible Perk

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    Only 8 Percent of People Actually Achieve Their Goals. Here's How.

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    Successful People Share This One Mindset. Most of Us Are Missing It.

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    When Breaking the Rules Makes You a Better Leader

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    Saying Yes to These Questions Reveals You're More Emotionally Intelligent Than You Think

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    How to Become the Most Likable Person at Work

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    Bill Gates on Why The Future Belongs to Companies That Are Flexible about Where You Work

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    9 Habits That Will Help You Discover Happiness

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    Adam Grant Says You Should Do These 3 Things to Be Truly Successful

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    10 Traits of the Most Irresistibly Likable People

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    Why Practicing Forgiveness Boosts Productivity

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    86 Percent of Employees Quit Within the First Six Months, Unless Managers Do These 4 Things

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    This 3-Letter Word Will Make You Live a Happier Life, According to Science

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    Your Company Might Be Toxic If You Experience These 6 Things Daily

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    Science Says This One (Rare) Company Trait Is the Key to a Happier Workplace

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    The Happiest People Do Any of These 8 Things Every Day

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    What Do Employees Want from Their Bosses? This Study Sums It Up a Simple Sentence

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    6 Mental Habits of People Who Manage Their Emotions Remarkably Well

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    5 Signs You're Already Way More Successful Than You Think

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    Steve Jobs Shares the 1 Thing That Every Leader Should Be After

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    How to Spot a Good Communicator (They Do These 5 Things Daily)

  24. Warren Buffett Says You Should Look for This Quality When Hiring