Caitlin Donovan

Expert In Chinese Medicine, Creator of IG #createalifethatheals

Caitlin is an acupuncturist and herbalist trained and licensed in the US. Caitlin has been in international private practice since 2007, treating 1000's of patients and teaching continuing education for other acupuncturists in three languages. Her passion is using Chinese Face Reading and Chinese Wellness Philosophy (yang sheng) to help you create a lifestyle that supports your health, wellbeing, and business. This work is done online at: Cait is married and living in Prague, Czech Republic with her husband and one small white dog, Flora. Walking through the woods is her favorite way to destress. An avid cross country skier, Caitlin and her husband recently completed a 120km journey on skis in Northern Finland where they had a chance to unplug, clear their minds, and see the northern lights.

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