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Tony Fahkry

Self-empowerment author and keynote speaker

Tony is a leading self-empowerment author and keynote speaker. His understanding and integration of Mind-Body concepts bridges the gap between health, well-being and human behaviour. Tony developed a comprehensive health and self-development program titled: The Power to Navigate Life. The program teaches participants how to achieve mental, emotional and physical well-being using easy to follow principles. His book which bears the same name, is testimony to the principles espoused in the program. The book achieved local and international attention with Dr Eldon Taylor, NY Times Best Selling author writing the foreword. He is the leading contributor in health and self-empowerment for lifestyle related websites including: Thought Catalog, Starts at Sixty, OnMogul, Medium, Scriggler, Niume, LinkedIn Pulse and more. He has published three books on health and self-development, endorsed by leading international authors including: Dr. Eldon Taylor, Dr. Joe Vitale and Dennis Merritt Jones.

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