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Kerry Davey

Intuitive Personal Development Coach


I'm an Intuitive Personal Development Coach passionate about helping people develop a deep sense of self awareness and confidence reducing anxiety improving the quality of all areas of their lives and relationships. I connect people to their higher self, empowering them to explore all options and unite everything with clear strategy and a plan for action. I was motivated to begin helping others after having a near death experience and realising that life could be cut short in a blink of an eye and I wanted to make the most of it NOW, and not wait for that elusive 'perfect moment'. With my background in counselling I retrained as a Coach, added in NLP and Mindfulness and set up my own business helping others uncover their confidence, get in touch with their soul and take the action needed for success. I live in Reading in the UK with my two gorgeous kids and a cat. Connect with me on Facebook @kerrydaveycoaching

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