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Roshan Bhondekar

International Author ● Columnist ● Speaker ● Twitter @roshan_b ● https://www.roshanbhondekar.com

Mr. Roshan D. Bhondekar is an International Author, Motivational Speaker, IT Professional & Creative Director. He inspires and motivates individuals to realize their hidden talent. He has taken his dynamic personal messages to opposite sides of the globe, from India. He is the author of an international book 'Love : The Key To Optimism'. His creative mind is creating new records via his splendid thoughts. Apart from being an avid writer of articles, and a member of various IT leadership groups, he enjoys playing cricket. He believes in a ‘keep working and keep learning’ lifestyle. A hyper-active visionary and social awareness is a major source of inspiration for his nonfiction writing. He has always wanted to do something creative, working with imagination, and focused on social development. During his academic career, he had aspired to become a creative entrepreneur. Member of Indian Film Writer’s Association at India.

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