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Kathleen Kelley Reardon

Professor Emerita, University of Southern California Marshall School/Preventive Medicine Research. Author of THE SECRET HANDSHAKE and debut novel SHADOW CAMPUS

Professor Emerita, USC Marshall School of Business, Phi Beta Kappa and formerly National Cancer Institute Fellow and research faculty in preventive medicine. Kathleen was a featured blogger at Huffpo from 2005 to 2016 and for Big Think. She is the author of numerous articles, including The Harvard Business Review, and books on communication, persuasion, negotiation, gender issues and politics in organizations, including bestsellers THE SECRET HANDSHAKE and IT'S ALL POLITICS. Her debut novel, SHADOW CAMPUS, captures the behind-the-scenes culture of a university where moral turpitude is common and a young woman's tenure, her relationship with an estranged brother, and her life hang in the balance. Forbes described it as a "fast-paced" and "masterful debut." The sequel will be published in early 2018. Kathleen is originator and co-founder of The First Star Academies overcoming obstacles and preparing foster children to attend college. She was also recipient of the University of Connecticut Alumni Humanitarian of the Year Award in 2013. Kathleen is an artist in watercolor and oils and has developed an art website for people with Parkinson's disease at Her political writing and other art is at Having had breast cancer and Parkinson's herself while pursuing an academic career, consulting and raising children, she now serves as a multidisciplinary expert for the European Parkinson's Association. She writes often about politics and health issues -- both mental and physical.

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