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Steve Whyte

12x Author | Life Coach | Speaker | CEO of Better Days Network

Breaking the cycle of struggle; Steve Whyte was born in North West London (Harlesden), England 1986 in an area best known at that time for gun crime, drugs and at risk youth. At the age of six Steve was introduced to the sport basketball which was the foundation of his discipline throughout his teen years, until undergoing surgery in his knee which prevented him from playing at the level which he desired. The heartbreaking end of one career wasn't enough to stop Steve from aiming high. It wasn't long after this disaster when teachers in school wrote him off predicting that he would never be successful. Steve overcame bullying, sickness, abuse, torture, addiction, affliction and the death of his Daughter, and needed no additional motivation to bring his dream into reality. He began writing encouraging material throughout his pain with hope to help someone else get through theirs. In pursuit of excellence Steve transformed his life in 5 years and now teaches others how to do the same. Steve is a renowned speaker, leader, and author. Steve Whyte is influencing international audiences by delivering powerful, inspirational messages of hope that encourage people to strive for excellence. Steve speaks in schools, churches and has planned, arranged and performed his own events around the world. Steve travels the world (Africa, USA, Australia, Europe) to speak to audiences from all demographics, but is especially passionate about young people and those who suffer with mental health illnesses. Steve's journey as an Author, Speaker/Coach is rooted in his own story of struggle. These misfortunes were the prerequisite to him wanting to serve other people who may suffer in their own lives. He has travelled the world as a Motivational Speaker sharing his message of hope, love and joy. Throughout the years, he has coached clients from diverse backgrounds and is passionate about helping those who have suffered trauma, adverse circumstances and a loss of identity.

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