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Hi! I’m a career and personal growth coach, writer, speaker, and leadership trainer helping women and men live and work bravely.

Kathy Caprino, M.A. is an international career and personal success coach, writer, speaker and leadership developer dedicated to helping women and men “find brave” to create more success, fulfillment and joy in their lives and work. A former corporate Vice President, a trained marriage and family therapist, and the author of Breakdown, Breakthrough, Kathy is the Founder of Ellia Communications, Inc. and of the Amazing Career Project online career course for women and the Amazing Career Certification program for coaches. She is a leading contributor on Forbes, Huffington Post and LinkedIn, and a top media source on careers, women’s issues, leadership, career success and personal growth and has appeared in over 100 of the nation’s leading publications, and on national radio and TV. For more information, visit KathyCaprino.com and FindingBrave.org and connect with Kathy on Twitter, FB, LinkedIn.

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