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Michele Charles Gustafson

Certified Image Consultant & International Confidence Mentor


Award-winning image consultant and confidence mentor, Michele Charles Gustafson, combines a Bachelor of Commerce (Honors) degree in packaged-goods marketing strategy with her certifications as a personal brand consultant, wardrobe stylist, color expert and personal coach to "package people" with her Hue and Style™ process helping her global clientele dress, to stand out, be memorable and chosen for new opportunities. She passionately shares her message - as a live broadcaster or on local and international stages - to "dress in confidence" teaching entrepreneurs, professionals, and community influencers to use how they dress as a mindset-shifting superpower, a success-attracting commercial for their goals and a never-ending source of self-love and joy. Michele is also a published author of a children's book, Angel In Your Heart, loves journal-writing, morning coffee and resides in Northern Alberta, Canada.

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