Josie Posie

a passionate advocate for activating the feminine side of life.


Josie is a facilitator of Divine Feminine teachings and igniter of the Flame of Mary Magdalene. She is deeply engaged in this rising wave of energy as it re-emerges on Earth. Josie started on her path in 1999, when she first went to Burning Man, met a Tantric priest, Ammachi, and a Tantric Dance teacher all in the same year. She became a student of all three until she became a lineage holder of the dance when her teacher retired. A natural seeker, she left her native homeland Australia, over 20 years ago. Josie has been a photographer, filmmaker, graphic designer, yogini, 5 Rhythms dancer, urban shaman, intuitive astrologer and painter. Her connection to spirit became very clear once she found the bhakti path and became lovingly devoted to the Divine Mother in her many forms.

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