Paul McCarthy

Kinesiologist, Martial Artist, Health & Wellness Advocate, Movement Specialist, Englishman in LA

Originally from London, England, Paul now resides in Los Angeles where he manages the UCLA Martial Arts Program, trains at the World famous Inosanto Academy and speaks at various events on; movement, play, resilience and martial arts in society. He wants to spread the word that martial arts is not just about MMA or breaking boards in a Karate class, but it is an entire culture thousands of years old, seeped in rich traditions including music, dance, art and community. He wants to show the world how important martial arts have been in the construction of our current world and to show that the ultimate purpose of martial arts is Love. He wants to continue to research the positive affects of certain types of arts on our brain and bodies health and well being and connect the dots from science to application in the real world so that our community can Thrive again!

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