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Drew Gurley

Drew Gurley is a business owner and writer focused on the mental toughness side of overcoming adversity and failure.


Drew Gurley is the Founder Redbird Advisors and PolicyZip, and is an avid entrepreneur. While primarily focused on insurance marketing, Drew closely studies mental toughness and what it takes to overcome failure and adversity. He's an active member of the Forbes Finance Council and has been interviewing and connecting with CEOs to better share their stories with aspiring entrepreneurs. Drew has a degree in agricultural economics from the University of Missouri-Columbia and is married with three beautiful children.

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  1. “Never let yourself feel that you can’t afford to take a risk”, with Alex Lindley, Founder of Project Wake Up

  2. “If you don’t prejudge a situation, you’ll be good no matter what”, with Heathyr Frances

  3. “It’s okay that things take time, or if you fail a few times”, with Katie Austin, Founder of Austin Active

  4. “Learn to listen to yourself, because it is usually those instincts that come from a genuine place”, with Lindsey Ell

  5. “Be of service to other people without expecting anything in return”, with Richie Stephens

  6. “Spend time writing every morning, moving past the obstacles, and finding a positive thought or mantra”, with Monica Nevi

  7. “An overwhelming number of people quit at the first sign of struggle, but that’s when things are getting interesting”, with Sean Hampton

  8. Disconnecting is a great way to rediscover yourself and face problems head on, with Celebrity Stylist, Pilar Scratch

  9. “I decided not to let anyone else direct my path and learned that when I fail, I can always bounce back”, with Jennifer Renée

  10. “If you’re meticulously prepared you can still improvise, but if the plan is to wing it, you have no structure to fall back on”, with Paul Osincup

  11. “I’m not a robot. I make mistakes. I can’t function as a human being from working non-stop”, with Filmmaker, Hero Lux

  12. “Your reality is largely shaped by your perceptions and fears in that moment”, with Chris Allport a.k.a. ‘Steve’, the Anxious Rapper

  13. “When I think I’ve given it my all and there is nothing else I can do, I try one more time and then one more time after that and again and again”, with Artist, Justin Morelli

  14. “Tackling decisions when you are distraught never leads to productivity”, with Young Ezee and Natalie Odell

  15. “Jump in head first and confront your fears, and eventually that fear will become a thing of the past”, with Katie Cleary, Founder of Peace 4 Animals

  16. “When I think I’ve given it my all and there is nothing else I can do, I try one more time and then one more time after that and again and again”, with Artist, Justin Morelli

  17. “Learn how to ignore failure and pursue experiences what your gut tells you to pursue”, with 4x Award Winning Actor, Jackie Jorgenson

  18. “The thought of not being wanted is horrifying and in those moments, I try to think about what I can control to keep things going in the right direction” with Actor, Eric Schumacher

  19. “The worst thing is to let the negativity paralyze you. So, choose to move!” with Master Guitarist, Billy McLaughlin

  20. “Learn how to take criticism well, be honest with yourself, and remember why you failed”, with Eric Hernandez

  21. “Don’t let a comment that took someone three seconds to type affect how the next 24 hours or more of your life will be” with Billboard Artist, Harper Starling

  22. “Know your cause. Know your vision. Nail it to your sternum and stride out there again and again and again” with Author Melissa Dalton-Bradford

  23. “Being a performer and having mental illness is a really interesting intersection”, with Singer Songwriter, Ryan Natsis

  24. "Don’t let the worst of humanity bring out the worst in you", with ZouZou Mansour, Lead Singer of Soraia